Social Name: Tell Fusta/Carles Frigola Almar

NIF: 77916057S

Direction: Street Fàtima, 14

Telephone: (+34 639717930)


Form of contact on line


The present LEGAL NOTICE takes the access, navigation, dealing as a regular objective i, in general, the relation between the web site and the users of the same one.


Guarantees by means of this legal notice the privacy in to presentation of the electronic services of agreement with the legal requirements, i it reports on the Protection politics of Information of Personal Character, in order that the users should determine in a free and voluntary way if they want to facilitate his personal information across the means that he arranges in the web. The users he consents the automated treatment of his personal information on the part of the owner of the web site in the terms that are detailed later:


Confidentiality in the automated treatment of the information of personal character of the users


The owner guarantees the confidentiality of the personal information of character facilitated by the users and his automated treatment of agreement with the in force legislation on protection of information of personal character (Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 of Protection of Information of Personal Character i his regulation of development, as well as the whole regulation applicable to this matter)

The owner has adopted the levels of protection safety of the personal information that establishes the in force regulation, and has installed all the means and technologies to his scope to avoid the loss, evil I use, alteration, not authorized access and theft of the personal facilitated information. The personal quiet information will be an object of treatment automated and incorporated into the correspondents files automated by the owner of the web site.

The owner of the web site will facilitate the users of permanent form I access to the present document in order that, with character before the delivery of the personal information, these they could give his assent in order that the owner of the web site proceeds to the automated treatment of his personal information.

The owner of the web site saves himself the right to modify the present Politics of Protection of Information in order to adapt it to the innovations and / or legislative and juriprudential requirements as well as to practices of the industry, having in it counts at all time the legitimate interests of the holders of the information. Certain services given across the web can contain particular conditions with specific forecasts as for protection of personal information. His reading and acceptance becomes indispensable by character before the presentation of the service about which it treats itself.


Quiet information of personal character

The discharge of a user’s account will imply the withdrawal of the information: e-mail, password (only visible for the user), name, surnames, ID card / CIF (in case of requesting invoice instead of simplified invoice), direction (ZIP code, city, country) and telephone of contact The requested information is the necessary ones to do the above mentioned invoice, to proceed with the orders or to be able to contact it contact from Tell Fusta or the company of transport to solve possible incidents.

Likewise, the user can decide to send by e-mail or route formulaic other information of personal character as the email address, the name and a message or comment. So much in the user’s discharge, since during the procedure of purchase and during any moment of the navigation, the option is given to the client to agree and modify his personal information, as well as his direction for the sending or turnover of the order. For it, in the low or top section of the web site, the user will be able to accede to the information of his account.


Purpose of the withdrawal and automated treatment of the information of personal character


The withdrawal and automated treatment of the personal information, as consequence of the navigation for the pages of the web, of the consultation, request or subscription of any service of the offered ones for the owner of the web site has as purposes detailed later: 1) The management, administration and presentation of the services in which the user decides to give of discharge or to use.

2) The quantitative and qualitative study of the visits and of the utilization of the services on the part of the users.

3) To report, to allow to think publicly the reader, to answer to the consultations and to obtain statistical information of the same ones.

4) The sending for traditional means and / or electronic of information about the products and services offered by the owner of the web site, providing that this one has given his assent before.

5) The sending of the purchase that has realized the direction offers.


In no case, the cumplimentación of the form of user’s discharge has for aim guard the information of the client with commercial aims, except for those users who have agreed expressly to receive special offers of partners or to register in Tell Fusta’s bulletin Subscription and service of automatic updates. Laws of the users of these services in relation to his personal information.


Bulletin: The service of subscription to the innovations and offers route e-mail is given by means of the platform MailChimp. The sending of the updates of contents of the web site across e-mail is automatic and free for the user who, for subscribing, will have to give his previous and express authorization, across the record of the usuario in the web or by means of the form of the bulletin. If you are signed route e-mail the bulletin of the web, it can be given of fall or modify his information at any time touching the link that him appears at the end of the message of update that receives in his e-mail or escriviendo – across our form oa our mail, facilitated in the present document.


Laws of the users in relation to his personal information


In fulfillment of arranged in the applicable regulation, it informs the user of the existence of an automated file of personal information due inscribed in the General Record of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Information addressed to Tell Fusta placed in the street Fátima, 14 of the population of Torroella de Montgrí (17257).

The information and treatments to which they surrender will be only recounted to the present legal notice and in the general conditions of use. The users have recognized and there will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by means of communication directed the owner of the web site in the form of contact oa our mail, facilitated in the present document.