The use and purchase of products and services offered on the website www.tellfusta.com imply acceptance of the following terms and conditions. For any questions or objections on these conditions you can contact Tell Fusta through the online contact form on the web.




By buying products from the web Tell Fusta represent that you are of age and have the capacity to contract .




In compliance with the provisions of the Spanish legislation , Tell Fusta announced that electronic contracts that are made on the website are aimed at selling products to those interested in items that are wooden toys aimed at children.




The procedure of purchasing each product involves a series of simple operations, under which the user can obtain technical product information in different areas of the website, the ability to edit your cart expanding or removing selected for purchasing products previously assess the payment and the introduction of its data, the summary of the selected products and price, including applicable taxes.

Before making the payment of the product, the customer will be asked personal information to effectively run the shipping cart in the direction desired by the buyer. These data will not be used for commercial purposes without prior consent of the user (see below information protection policy and forms of delivery of the order).


Shopping cart


On the right upper area of the website, the user can see throughout their web surfing the amount of selected products. In addition, products from the cart and the total purchase price on the right side of the browser window is displayed. Clicking the mouse over the area of ​​the cart, the user can specifically inform the selected products, finding the name and price of each, as well as shipping costs and the total purchase. This arrangement of display information varies cart mode of the mobile web, keeping the cart summary at the top of the web but with the detail of articles at the end of it. To complete the order, the user must press the “Go Box” located in the section of “Cart” button.

Tell Fusta may change the price of their products. However, purchases made before the amendments will be billed with the price specified at the time of purchase. Both in the cart, as in other areas of the website where the cost of the products specified, prices are reported in euros (€) with the taxes included.


User account


Users of the website can register for an account that can be accessed once discharged through an email and password. This information will be sent to the new user to remember your e-mail address and password registered. Mandatory data requested by the discharge from the user account is an email and password. In addition, full name, address, zip code, city, country and phone number will be asked if an order is placed. The data requested by the user in the purchase modality are necessary for the order to reach the hands of the customer, as well as essential to Tell Fusta and the carrier can contact him to solve possible problems. There is the possibility of ordering without registering as a user on the web, but the detailed data previously be equally necessary to bring the order to the customer, the difference is that it will not be stored.

You agree that Tell Fusta save your data for future purchases or actions performed on the web. Thus, after identifying with email and password, the user will see your data automatically loaded once begun the process of order confirmation. However, both the high user as during the procedure of purchase, for any time of the navigation, the option is given to the client to access and modify their personal data and differentiate your shipping address or billing order .

In any case completing the user registration form you aim to keep customer data for marketing purposes, except for those users who have expressly agreed to receive special offers from partners or were enrolled in the newsletter Tell Fusta.

The personal data must be unique and genuine, committing the user to the validity and accuracy thereof, and not to disclose your data to third parties, while maintaining the necessary confidentiality of your account and of the procedures performed in it. Tell Fusta is not responsible for data loss caused by unauthorized user accounts used by third parties. Tell Fusta the user can inform any security incident or misuse of your account via the contact form on this website.


Delivery methods Order


Tell Fusta delivers orders to customers with urgent deliveries Halcourier company, Seur and UPS. Some of these companies collect user buying and delivered to the address that the customer has reported during the execution of the order on the web. Before delivery, the carrier will contact the customer to inform the time the delivery is made. Failure to meet the customer at the address at the time of delivery, we will leave a note with the phone number that has been directed to arrange a new delivery schedule that suits you. Meanwhile, the carrier will deposit the order in the franchise closer to the customer’s home company.

In case of return of the goods at Tell Fusta, due to the absence of the customer, and not reflected in the center closest to the address carrier, Tell Fusta will contact the customer to return the payment, minus expenses Shipping produced by the return of the package (depending on weight of product X € VAT not included).

Tell Fusta is not responsible for those shipments that have not reached their destination on the basis of errors in the data provided by the user to fill in the order form or high note. As is not responsible for receipt of the package has not been made by the absence of the customer at the address previously communicated during purchase, or in cases where the arrival of the shipment is delayed for reasons not attributable to Tell Fusta.

For any difficulty or error in the data entered on the Web, you can contact Tell Fusta through the contact form on this website.

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not sent or delivered orders, so the user should consider this information when calculating arrival times of your purchase. On weekdays you can make shipments will be notified in advance of visible from several points of the web.

Shipping costs will be borne entirely by higher purchases Tell Fusta for 90 € in the mainland shipments. For purchases of lesser value may be informed of the shipping , automatically and depending on the customer location during the checkout process and before payment.


Method of payment and security


Tell Fusta offers customers different methods of payment :


1) Credit card, debit card , Visa or Mastercard through PayPal customers can pay by credit card , Visa or Mastercard debit card issued in country ( Spain ) . Operation with the bank will be held during the shopping process , after making the above specified steps. The banking operation mediate through PayPal Virtual POS , giving users the confidence to payment completion .

To respect the confidentiality of bank customer data and maintain security, Tell Fusta not displayed or saved banking information from users. This information is used by the PayPal Virtual POS, which works as an intermediary in banking transactions. It has SSL secure connection system that allows the confidentiality of communications between the card issuing bank and the payee bank. Prevents the manipulation of data by third parties requesting authentication of cardholder by their financial institution.


2) Paypal account: the client must authenticate with their PayPal credentials to make the cash payment through PayPal Virtual POS and have sufficient funds.

To respect the confidentiality of bank customer data and maintain security, Tell Fusta not displayed or saves information about the payment process through PayPal gateway. This information is used by the PayPal Virtual POS, which works as an intermediary in the transaction. It has SSL secure connection system that allows the confidentiality of communications between PayPal accounts.

After making the payment, Tell Fusta send an email to the customer specifying the details of your purchase and warranty policy and returns of products Tell Fusta.

However, it is your responsibility to save and print the invoice or email received after purchase, and proof of payment offered by the bank through the virtual POS or online banking, if you want to keep the details of the transaction related to the payment made. You can review your order and download your invoice again in “My Orders” and “Order History”.

For any difficulty with payments on the web, you can contact Tell Fusta through the contact form.




Right of withdrawal


In compliance with the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users (Law 3/2014 of 27 March 2014), we inform you of your rights of withdrawal (back) and Tell Fusta customers.

As a customer, you can exercise your right of withdrawal by e-mail or our online contact form, has 14 calendar days from receipt of goods. If the deadline is on holiday or weekend is extended to the next business day. We will send a return slip to be completed properly and send it, along with a copy of the delivery note or invoice and the item to be returned. You have 14 calendar days from the day after its communication to exercise the right of withdrawal to return the product. Shipping costs for the return shall be borne by the customer.

The waiver involves the refund of the amount paid by Tell Fusta no later than 14 calendar days, through the same means of payment used. Returns will be accepted only when the product is returned unused and in perfect condition. The product you want to return the client will get to name Tell Fusta with original packaging and proof of purchase in the address, street Fatima, 14 Torroella de Montgrí (17257).

For defective product or product failure

Should any of the products Tell Fusta arrives defective, the customer may request a return or exchange for another new item of the same model. For the return to be accepted, you must contact through the contact form on this website and wait for the response of the staff Tell Fusta.

After proceeding to package the product with all original parts and packaging, or the parties to ask the staff Tell Fusta, with the invoice or ticket of purchase, Tell Fusta will send a messenger for the collection and necessary changes assuming Tell Fusta shipping whip for the inconvenience. Similarly, if the product received does not match requested by the customer at his request Tell Fusta change it for the correct item at no additional cost to the customer.


Errors or defects in transport


If the packet reaches the client is visibly damaged, the customer should open before the carrier to see if the content is too. If the product is also damaged, the customer must notify at the time of receipt of the courier package is removed from the delivery note. Thus, the carrier will return the damaged item and send Tell Fusta a new product in the same category customer.

The customer is also informed of the return policy and the direction where you can consult online, through an email sent after purchase and at the time of purchase receipt by an accompanying document. The customer can consult your invoices at any time in the section of the website “My Account – My Orders”.

In any case,  Tell Fusta accept the above returns customers who have not purchased the product in the online store Tell Fusta; as is the case of purchases in physical stores or other online stores. In these cases, the customer must consult your local purchase made for conditions to return and warranty.




By the nature of our articles only those changes due to an erroneous delivery of the product purchased via the web, delivering a defective or damaged product due to shipment will be accepted. The customer must provide evidence such as photographs, showing the defect or error can have the repair or partial or total replacement of the article.

In any case, to enforce the guarantee, the customer must provide the invoice or receipt.




The online store software automatically manages the number of units that are in stock in stock Tell Fusta, so that the system would make payment of a depleted product. If any errors occur and there is no product available after the payment, Tell Fusta will contact the customer by email or by phone to inform you of the unavailability of the product. Also according to customer specifications, will choose between the return of the monetary amount you have paid or expect delivery of your order when the stock items are replaced.




The information related to data privacy and cookies policy shown in the legal notice .




The information related to intellectual property Tell Fusta shown in the legal notice .




Tell Fusta may make changes to the information contained on the website and the services provided through it without giving right to any claim or compensation by the user. Similarly , you can modify the general conditions of use, making them public on the website .

The general conditions of use does not entail an obligation to establish a commercial relationship or contract between Tell Fusta and user, but acceptance of the specifications and features of the site and the products offered in it.




The general conditions of use of this Web site as well as other contents that are in it, are governed by Spanish law .

Everything provided in these Terms of Sale shall be governed by Spanish law , the language of interpretation and writing will be the Catalan / Castilian and disputes that may arise are subject to the courts that the relevant procedural law provides .

This contract, which will not be individually filed by each contracting Tell Fusta , will be permanently posted on the website .




For any questions regarding these terms of use, the user can contact Tell Fusta through the contact form .